Guide to Winning in Baccarat : From Zero to Hero


What is Baccarat Game? 

The Baccarat casino game is a popular game of cards played at casinos across the globe. The origin of this game takes us back to the time when soldiers played this for recreational fun during the Franco-Italian War. Today, there are several variants of Baccarat, this includes punto banco,  baccarat banquet &  baccarat chemin de fer.


Baccarat Casino Game Rules

The Baccarat casino game is played between two hands, one is the player, while the other is the banker. Baccarat casino game rules for both player and the banker:

The primary Baccarat casino game rules are, the winner is declared, who has the highest hand value. If both the hands hold the same sum, then the match is announced as a tie. The player always placed first,  then the banker or the dealer draws the card. The player picks a third card, if the sum of his or her two cards, falls in the range 0-5, whereas the banker can also accept an extra card if the add-up of his or her cards is between 0 to 2.

Rules for the Player Hand-

When a player has a sum of the first two cards equal or less than 5, then he or she needs to draw one additional card when playing the baccarat casino game. If the sum is equal to 6 or more, then he or she must stand without taking a card.  

Rules for the Banker Hand-

 Case one, let the banker’s hand has two cards with a sum of 7 or greater, then he or she must withstand without taking a card. Case two, if the total is 0, 1, 2, then he or she must take out a card. Now, when the sum is  3, 4, 5, or 6 whether the banker should draw a card or note, depends on the player.

How to Play Baccarat? 


All the popular variants of Baccarat center on the concept of betting. Here, the wager is placed on whether the player or the banker’s sum will attain something close to 9 or not. You can also place a bet on a tie. Each card is assigned a pre-defined value, which determines who will achieve a greater sum.

For most of the variants of Baccarat, both the player and the dealer  (the banker) are given two cards to play baccarat, while, only in an exceptional case the third card is introduced.

In a physical game of Baccarat, a table displays the hand values. From, here, you need to calculate the values of the cards. If the score is greater than 9, then the process of calculation is different. To make it simple, if you have two cards, one having value 7, while other has  4, they add up to give 11 and 1 is your final sum.


What Is a Natural Win?

A natural win is when you achieve a sum of 9, 10+9=19-9. The second biggest score in Baccarat 8, 10+8=18-8.

Determine Whether the Player Should Get the Third Card-

In case the sum of the player is equal or less than 5, then he or she automatically hit, and the banker will offer him or her a third card.

 Understand the Third Card Rules of Baccarat Game

If the player has add-up of two cards less than or equal to 5 for the baccarat game, then he or she will be asked for for the third card.

If the player draws an extra card, then what a banker does in a baccarat game? 

If the players take a 2 or 3, the dealer draws 0–4 and stands with 5-7.

Similarly, for 4 or 5, the banker takes 0–4 and stands with 5-7.

Similarly, for  6 or 7, the dealer draws  0–6 and stands with 7

Similarly, for 8, the banker takes 0-2 and stands with 3–7.

In case, the player takes an ace 9,10, or the face card, the dealer gets 0–3 and stands with 4–7.

Baccarat Casino Game Strategy

Perhaps, not the most complicated game listed as the top casino game, the baccarat game calls for dedicated approach with in-depth knowledge to deduce a winning baccarat strategy.

The 1-3-2-4 bet is one of the proven baccarat strategies, followed by the veterans, the invincible of this game. This strategy is best to win back all your losses from previous rounds, without risking further. The procedure is quite simple, you place one unit in the first, third unit for the next, and so on. The underlying theme is straightforward, you follow the sequence of 1-3-2-4, until the time the player loses. Then, he or she goes back to the sequence of  1-3-2-4. And, even if you win all the four rounds, you still move back to the starting order of betting. This is a safe strategy, and not only you win, also stay away from big looses.

What Are Baccarat Roadmaps?

Baccarat roadmaps are nothing, but the access to the history of the Baccarat card game to foretell the outcome and riding the trend. Even though most people are against this approach of playing the baccarat game, the idea of roadmaps is there for ages. To understand technically, a roadmap is a sequence of trends recorded in the form of pictorial representation. The roadmaps assist players to have a quick glance at the history of the game and anticipate the outcome.

Important Summary of Baccarat Roadmap

A roadmap keeps track of latest trends and the entire history of the baccarat game. Wagers can place their bets relying on the information provided by the roadmaps.

Five Standard Road-

The Big Road-

The big road, or simply the main road, every information of the baccarat game is recorded as the big road. Typically, it is a six grid, six rows, and several columns wide. In a big road data, the hollow red circle stands for the banker’s victory, whereas the hollow blue represents the victory of the player.

The Big Eye Boy

The entry is made to the big eye boy, only after the first entry of the big road is made on the second columns. So, the underlying theme is to judge whether there is enough space or not, thus, to judge is there a pattern of winning developing?

Here the red entries present repetition, where the blue entries are a sign of chaotic.


The Small Road

Similar to the big eye boy, this type of roadmap skips the column which is left to the current column in the big roadmap. This does make sure the map has adequate space for more entries. Here, the entry is done, only after the first entry of the big road is made in the third column.


Cockroach Pig

Expect it skips two columns on the left side of the current column in a big roadmap, the cockroach map is similar to the small road table. Here, to make enough space for more entries, the first entry is made after the first entry of the small road is made int the fourth column.


The Bead Plate

This is a perfect representation of every hand. Here, red stands for the banker.  Blue for the player and the green colour represents a tie.


Type of Baccarat Tables

There are three varieties of tables for the baccarat card games when it comes to baccarat: Big, Mini, Midi.

a. Big Table Baccarat

The big table baccarat is played over a snooty drop-off area, and played by professionals,

b. Mini Baccarat

This type of baccarat game table is popular in the main casino area. The whole idea here remains the same, but it makes the game much shorter.

c. Midi Baccarat

Similarly to the mini-baccarat, the midi table brings no variation into the game, expect the size is a little larger perfect for large casino areas.

Baccarat Game Online

Whether you are a  baccarat beginner in pursuit of acquiring the skills os betting or pro of this game, baccarat game online is one hack of enthralling fun, which allows you to learn and earn every time. Here, you have the luxury to earn from losses, without burning a hole in your pocket. Firstly, you would be asked whether you want to wager on the player or the banker or place your bet for a tie. Online gives you the luxury to bet any amount, right from a trial bet pf 1$ to $500. In simple words, bet within your monetary means.

You can also take the help of online roadmaps and trends to make the best bet.


Baccarat Game Online Real Money

Today, there are several top websites having online Baccarat for real money, here you can sharpen your skills to big bets at a land casino. The most memorable thing about online casinos is you don’t have to step out of your house on a snowy evening to satisfy your inner urge for waging. Just, go online and place your best to win big. The online card game, give the player the flexibility to decide on their own how to play, and table limits vary from one online casino to another. They give you the enthralling opportunity to play with real players in every nook and corner of this planet. Such mode of baccarat gaming is often termed as live dealer baccarat online, and this involves playing through live video streaming to enjoy the real fun of land casino. So, why to wait or hesitate,m go online and create an account to have some real waging fun.


Mobile Baccarat Online-Enjoy Gaming on the Go

Being one of the popular card games, many top names in the gaming industry, are bringing the true experience of playing baccarat to your smartphones.  The biggest reason for the growing popularity of mobile baccarat is that you can play anytime and anywhere, and even on the move. Just place a wager while you return from your office, no big fuzz.

However, there are certain lows of playing the card game via your smartphone. First of all, you are bound to face graphics quality, the game usually loads slowly, and there are chances your smartphone may hang. Therefore, if you want the never before land casino experiences, desktop without a dilemma is the best choice.


Advanced Baccarat Strategy & Untold Tips To Win

Just like the game of chess, the casino game baccarat calls for proper a strategies in a dedicated mindset to earn big. In baccarat, unlike the Blackjack or other popular card games, the luck factor is on the higher side. But, the trusted tactics of the casino baccarat game starts with, keeping a tap on your previous bets, follow the suits of trends, trust your gut feelings, and most importantly know when you have to stop betting.

Baccarat Casino Game Strategy-

Here, in this post, we highlight the winning strategies followed by professional baccarat players. Roll down to check it out:


1-3-2-4 Baccarat Strategy

The 1-3-2-4 approach is quite simple, here you place one unit in the first, third in the second, and so on. The whole idea is you adhere the sequence until the time you are winning, and you move to the starting irrespective of the fact you win the sequence or loss anytime. The best thing about the 1-3-2-4 strategy is that you can maximize your chances of winning while staying clear of massive losses. So, worth a try for the newbies of the baccarat gaming.


Baccarat Roadmap Strategy

A map which retains the history of the baccarat game is termed as the baccarat roadmap. The baccarat roadmap strategy has over the years has proven to be effective. The underlying idea is using the information to determine how to wager. And, there is no strategy on how to implement the roadmap information to predict future trends. The colours and symbols, convey several messages.


Baccarat Card Counting Strategy

Being a card game, the first thing that strikes our minds is card counting when it comes to proven strategies. However, unlike blackjack, where the card counting technique is reliable, for baccarat, it has no role to play.  Many experts of this game worldwide, tells that cared counting in baccarat is complicated and the players need to be a mathematician to implement that.

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