Disadvantage of Live Dealer Casino

In the last couple of years, the ecosystem of the casino has experienced the rising popularity of the live dealer gambling. What’s more, now they are making their presence felt in the mobile world, despite the screen limitations. Well, the live dealer casino offers a plethora of benefits, but, just like the back-and-mortar casino, there are certain shortcomings too. And, here, in this article, we throw light on some of them, to make sure you enjoy live dealer gaming, while you stay clear of the pitfalls.

Look at the Disadvantages of the Live Dealer Casino: –

#Point 1- Slow Game

Slow Game

If someone asks, what is the difference that live dealer and online casino, it is sped of the game, which is slow for the former version. When playing live casino games, there are often delays caused by the other players, thus lowering down the speed of the game, similar to the land-based casino. Yes, some online website imposes time limitations, but since, it is played live via video, the odds of uninvited interruption cannot be overlooked. Therefore, the dealer conducting the game can only request a participant to speed up, but can’t rush them. So, the main idea is, if you have the mind or the time to interact and wait for others, then online casino gambling is perfect for you. Here. You just bet and the outcome is declared in no time.

#Point 2- Limited Range of Games

Limited Range of Games

Another shortcoming of the live dealer method of gambling is that compared to online casinos, it offers quite a slim small range of gaming options. Apart from the table games, most of the live dealer websites have nothing to offer, in terms of variants and many of the top land casino games cannot be played live. The small spectrum of live casino games is limited to these:  Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and Poker. But, for an online casino, the range becomes broad. The reasons for this perhaps, the expenses for conducting other game live is on the expensive side. however, from years to come by, it is expected that the live dealer will overcome this problem.

#Point 3- Different Casino Setting

Different Casino Setting

While the primary objective of the live dealer gambling was to ring land-casino experiences to every home with just three clicks, but the live games streamed from private studios aren’t the same. Any regular to casino houses will easily come out the difference, and he or she probably don’t love playing it live. The brick and mortar casinos offer features like karaoke, wines, restaurants, and much more to get fully pampered. While playing online, you can redeem these features at your comfort, but not the enthusiasm and the excitement. Many gambling has admitted that the thrills the physical casino offers, is nowhere to be seen for the live casino. Besides this, the entire and one gets a land-casino site is great, the dimming lights, the slow background, setting the mood right to bet like a pro.

#Point 4- Chances of Technical Issues and Errors

chances of Technical Issues and Errors

Yes, the sciences in the last two decades or so has made great progression in the direction of becoming fool-proof, but there are many miles to go. The technical glitch and interruptions can happen out of the blues, even if you are playing on a trustworthy website. The technical problems faced by the live casino are not visible with the online casino. In addition, compared to the land casino, there are internet connectivity issues; in an event of loss of Internet connection, the entire game will the lost or you miss a big part of the game. Therefore, it is best to strep out of your house and visit your favourite casino play throughout the day. However, if you still in love with the idea of live dealer convenience, then, it is vital for you to search a trustworthy site. For this go through online reviews and ratings of a website, you are considering to sign up.  You can also have a fair discussion on this with your finds or relatives, those who are fond of online gambling, they can provide you with a worthy advice on selecting a live dealer website. And, finally, you can go that extra mile to reach out the customer support team of your live casino website for more information about their credibility in the market.


At the end of it all, yes, there are few lows of the real casino games, those which can not be overlooked, the casino experiences they offer are unmatched. Regardless of these, the live dealer is an ocean of possibilities. All you have to be is little carefully with the website you choose. You can browse a few authentic gambling forums, to understand the trustworthiness of your prospective casino.

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