8 Surprising Facts About Video Poker Machine

video poker machines game is a type of casino gaming machines that provide the best chances to its players. This can very well be the reason behind the fact that people prefer to play video poker more as compared to Blackjack. Not many of the casino players actually interact with dealers or other players in a casino. For people like this, playing video poker on poker machines can prove to be useful as they can easily avoid other people. If you are a beginner, you can start by keeping the stakes low as you won’t know much about casino gaming machines.

All the games may look similar; however, they are different from each other. There are a lot of things that you keep in mind on playing video poker machines. In this post, you will get to know everything you need to know about a video poker game as well as how to actually play them. Look at the below-mentioned facts to know more:

Advantages & Benefits

video poker tactic

You don’t need to talk to a pit boss or dealer if you play video poker on poker machines. You will only get to speak with a cocktail waitress, which is also optional. In casinos having casino gaming machines, you have to follow etiquette and go by certain rules at a table casino game, but it is not the case in video poker.

Additionally, in a video poker game, you won’t get troubled by some players who constantly try to put you down your game and thus make you feel not so good. These benefits also stand true to the other casino gaming machines like paying online slots for real money. Video-based poker machines always provide a better chance of winning.

Better Decision Maker

In other casino gaming machines, you make the decision if you need to place a bet and you also determine the amount to put in a bet. However, in video poker, the player has to do decision-making in playing the hand, which if not done properly, has some consequences. This feature is also present in Blackjack and other poker machines games in casino gaming machines.

As the decision- making process enhances our intellect by stimulating it, these games are far better than other games like roulette or online slots real money where you spend cash and have to wait until the result comes.

Video Poker Has Higher Percentage

Most of the players that play video poker do have some understanding of using cards. They are not experts, but they can take the right decisions sometimes if not all the times. Even if you are doing the right thing while playing Jacks or Better game in casino gaming machines, the percentage of payback offered is more than the other slot machines present in the building while playing on casino gaming machines.

Payback percentage tells you about the probability of the game estimate like how many average winnings you will generate in each bet. Basically, it is a mathematical expression. Supposedly, if the game contains payback percentage of 95%, it means that if the total trials are done near infinity, you will get 95 cents by spending 1 dollar each.

In addition to this, the payback percentage varies on the basis of place and casino that offer various casino gaming machines. Video poker games offer more payouts than slots. Slot machines or online slots real money has a pay within 95%. But a normal video poker gives no less than a total of 95%.

Random Number Generator


Whenever you play slots in casino gaming machines, you get a pay table. It tells you how much money will be paid if a combination is hit. This symbol combination is also shown on the pay table. But you hardly know the chances of getting the symbol combination or individual symbols. But that is not the case with video poker machines. You are well aware of the chances of getting any card, i.e. 1 by 52 and also the probability of receiving a card from a suit, i.e. 1 by 4.

The random number generator of video poker machines is created to make the use of probabilities that are there while playing with cards. The chances of every hand can be determined by calculating the odds. This largely helps you in determining each hand’s estimated return for all the decisions made on the poker machines. This will help you in selecting the machines that are better as compared to other machines. Additionally, you will eventually get well informed about which card to or not to discard in casino gaming machines.

Does Math Skills MATTERS?


If your math skills aren’t good enough, don’t fret because you can still have fun playing on video poker machines, though not to deny the fact that learning about the probabilities involved in a game increases your chances of winning. Additionally, you develop an understanding of games and you know to select as well as play them.

Average players take the help of software programmers and experienced authors to do the math for them. In return, they tell them about the playing techniques and payback percentages. But, there is no complex math involved in playing video poker. If you have the understanding of drawing an outside straight and the inside straight, you already have a hang of how math works in video poker or other poker machines.

Master A Simple Strategy


The primary aim is to master a simple strategy and then go straight into a more accurate and complex one. These strategies are plotted in charts or made into tables most of which are a hand’s list. You start from the top and slowly move down to search a hand that is exactly like the one that is on your screen. These charts contain a rather sizeable list of all the hands, and the simplified version of the strategies is generally half or two-thirds long as compared to the real and accurate chart strategies.

What I have got to know is that gambling writers give suggestions that you will get a high return even by using the simplified form of strategies which are not big on accuracy. Though the reason is not apparent enough, on careful consideration, you will get to know that it makes sense. But apart from this fact, the execution of a clear strategy is far appropriate than the complicated one. So, it’s safe to say that it is actually not enough to have an ideal strategy; you should know how to execute it while playing with poker machines skillfully.

“Jacks or Better”?


In the Jacks or Better game of casino gaming machines, some novice players may not take notice of 4 of a kind or 3 of a kind capability given by a small pair. Most of them think that a small pair does not provide a payoff, and they just cast it out which is a cardinal mistake. This is owing to the fact that for a mathematically accurate play, having a pair of 10s or less can prove to be desirable. There exist many methods in which a hand can be promoted to a hand that pays. Additionally, you can easily hold the following if you do not lose a pair:

  • 3 of a kind
  • 2 pairs
  • A full house
  • 4 of a kind 

Video Poker Machine Is Not Normal Poker Game.


Whenever you start to video poker, the pay table shows a list of hands arranged in descending order. This chart exactly tells how a respective hand has paid off. For instance, a royal flush is paid off starting from 800 and ending at 1 in mostly all the games. However, hands that are strong in traditional poker can be weak in video poker or video poker machines.

For instance, in some Jacks or Better variants, players are awarded bonuses if they have a 4 of a kind. So we consider traditional poker, if the rank of 4 of a kind card is greater, the more strength it has. This is in stark contrast with video poker. In certain games, when 2s, 3s, and 4s make up a 4 of a kind, it gives a greater payoff as compared to when 5s, 6s, 7s, 9s, and 10s make it. This tells us how video poker machines are different from traditional poker machines.

Another distinction between these a traditional and a video poker machines game is that a kicker is not required in winning video poker. A pair of jacks with an ace kicker and a pair of jacks with 5 kickers are just equivalents of each other.

The above-mentioned 8 important facts will assist you in brushing up and further enhancing your skills as a video poker player using video poker machines. In contrast to online slots real money, you can see how the house edge impacts every game. Now you will surely be able to increase your chances of securing a win in video poker and other casino gaming machines. We will provide you more insights on the different variants of video poker games in another article.

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